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Cross Channel Marketing Engages and Motivates

An effective marketing strategy is all about reaching the right person with the right message at the right time using the right channels. Cross-channel marketing allows you to do that by communicating across multiple channels with a consistent message, building brand recognition and creating an urgency to act. Read more..

QR Codes Add a New Dimension to Your Print Communications

Chances are you've noticed the small, maze-like box (resembling the standard barcode found on most consumer products) making its way into mainstream print promotional materials. From retail displays to direct mail to business cards you collected at last month's trade show - this curious often square design, also known as a QR code is beginning to capture the attention of marketers nationwide. Learn how to incorporate QR codes into your print materials.
Trade Show Marketing: What to do Before you go

Trade shows are an excellent venue to make sales, build relationships and collect qualified leads. To make the most of your participation, consider the following steps before you're off and running.
. Inspire Top Performers with a Variety of Incentives

Looking for meaningful ways to acknowledge and motivate employees to peak performance? According to a recent McKinsey Quarterly survey, nonfinancial motivators can effectively reward top performers with satisfactory salaries. See what respondents rated nonfinancial incentives as "extremely" or "very" effective.